• Precision
  • Responsiveness
  • Effectiveness
Panama Teak Plantation isn’t simply a Teak trading company. We plant, grow and harvest our Teak trees, to monitor our products being competitive in the current International market.

Our trees are located in Panama, Central America:

  • Terrain and climate are ideal for growth, with correct alternation of dry/rainy seasons
  • Area offers some of the best experts in Teak plantations of the world
  • Area is politically and socially stable, for business steadiness
  • Governmental rules and laws are strictly enforced, ensuring full tracking of wood origin and positive due diligence outcome
  • Procedures for export are smooth, logistic is efficient in one of the major HUBs of the world
  • Shipment through Pacific and Atlantic Ocean without difficulty.

We are aware of the importance of a professional cooperation in business; many of us have got professional background, and we do apply the same concept to the business.

Reason why we constantly maintain a multi-lingual staff dedicated to ensure our known paramount customers service: feel free to get in touch for any business related need or request, you’ll see our team always try the best to achieve the optimal result.

We deliver products free from injurious worm or bee holes splits. shakes, knots or unsound knots, ingrown bark, wane, heart centers, or imperfections due to heart center, excessive discoloration and rot, or other injurious defects, unless otherwise specified or illustrated.